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Children’s Dentistry Dallas TX

We love seeing kids at our all of our dental offices. We see children as young as 6 months old!

Top Children’s Dentist in Dallas, TX

You and your children will likely have different dental needs but our dentists are highly capable of serving the whole family. Whether you need braces, dentures, routine cleanings and more, we got you covered. 

Come see why more and more families are trusting their dental needs to Thrive Dental and Orthodontics. 

When should I visit the dentist in Dallas?

The very first appointment will be quick and easy. We will have the parents help us while we check on the overall oral health of your child. We will evaluate tooth eruption and gum health. This is a great time to introduce proper brushing techniques to the parents and child. This initial visit is to ensure the patient is comfortable with the dentist and that we can emphasize proper oral health to the parents.

Preventive care at home

Visiting the dentist every 6 months is only one part of your dental journey. Without proper at home care it does not matter how many times you come in to get your teeth cleaned as nothing is better than proper brushing and flossing.
As a parent you will likely have to brush and floss your children’s teeth until they reach the age of 6 or so.

Showing your child the importance of proper oral health care will set them up for success in the future and lead to easy dental visits.

Dental sealants in Dallas

Between the ages of 4-16 your teeth are very prone to decay. If you do not have proper brushing and flossing habits this can lead to cavities which will affect you the rest of your life. This is why we recommend dental sealants for most of our patients.
Dental sealants help prevent cavities by filling in the deep grooves of your teeth with a type of dental composite. This will help protect your teeth from large decay.

Fluoride treatments for children

Fluoride is one of the biggest reasons for less decay now then decades ago. This fast and easy treatment is like vitamins for your teeth. Fluoride replaces some of the molecules of your teeth with stronger atoms that lead to a stronger tooth structure.

A stronger tooth means less cavities in the future. We recommend fluoride to most of our patients at our Dallas location.

What makes Thrive Dental in Dallas different for pediatric dentistry?

We utilize friendly, gentle, and intentional methods to help your child develop trust. We use positive reinforcement to encourage your child to cooperate. And we praise and reward them each step along the way. Not only are our brilliant doctors trained from the best dental schools in the nation, they have hearts of gold and care deeply for their patients. So you can rest easy knowing your child is in the best of hands.

We empower you & your child with preventative care, oral hygiene instructions, nutritional counseling, etc. We are here to guide you and answer your questions concerning your child’s development.

We also make the dentist fun with a Kid’s Movie & Play Room with Video Game stations for the bigger kids and toys for the little kids. We even have TV’s above every dental chair so your child can watch their favorite show or movie during treatment.

Your child will love coming to the dentist and caring for their teeth from a young age so they can have a beautiful healthy smile for life.

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