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Dental Crowns Dallas, TX

Dental crowns are an amazing option for patients whose tooth is heavily fractured, has a large cavity or deeply stained. Many patients will tell you that their dental crowns look better than their natural teeth.

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Our dentists in Dallas, TX, are highly trained at delivering the best and most esthetic crowns that make our patients happy. If you think you need a crown and are looking for more information, read below. 

What is a dental crown?

Dental crown, aka cap, is a covering for your tooth. This is needed when a tooth is heavily damaged due to large cavities, deep staining, root canal treatment etc. 

Crowns look very similar to natural teeth and are made of a hard porcelain type material that does not stain. Dental crowns can be very esthetic and if done properly will look better than natural teeth as they can be fabricated in a dental lab. Our dentists in Dallas, TX, are highly trained to deliver the most esthetic crowns possible. 

Reasons for a dental crown in Dallas

Dental crowns can be placed for a variety of reasons. You may have bitten on something hard and your tooth is fractured. Your tooth may have a large cavity that has broken down much of your tooth. Your tooth may have very deep staining from trauma or other factures that cannot be whitened by normal methods. These are all reasons why you may need a dental crown.

Dental crowns can also be part of normal dental procedures such a root canal therapy. After a root canal it is normal to receive a dental crown as your tooth structure has been weakened. If you get a crown after your root canal it can last for decades if treated properly.

Although there are multiple reasons to need a crown the process can be very easy and you will be glad you choose Thrive Dental in Dallas for your dental needs. 

How to maximize the lifespan of your crown

Crowns do need to be replaced periodically but if you treat them properly they can last 15 years or more. 

It is important that you come in for your regular dental check ups and avoid placing excessive force on your teeth by doing things such as open cans or utilizing your teeth as tools! 

Crowns can be very esthetic and that is why it’s important to choose a dental provider that you trust as this restoration will be visible for many years to come.

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