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Our team members at Thrive Dental & Orthodontics, have gone out of their way to create a place where you and your family feel welcomed and safe during your appointments.

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We have games and movies for kids to enjoy, complimentary coffee and snacks for adults, and plenty of friendly faces. That said, we realize that patients with mild to severe dental anxieties might need a little more help to feel truly comfortable during their appointments. That’s why Dr. Nathan and Dr. Christine are ready with different forms of sedation dentistry in our Dallas, TX dental office depending on what you need. This will help keep the negative feelings you experience at the dentist’s office under control so that you can stay relaxed while getting much-needed dental care. Do you have questions about your sedation options, or would you like to schedule a next appointment with us? Call our dental office today.

IV sedation

If nitrous oxide isn’t enough, you may receive a stronger kind of sedation called IV sedation. You’ll receive the medication intravenously, meaning it’s delivered directly to your veins. The dosage can be adjusted as needed to ensure that you stay comfortable and safe. It’s sometimes called “twilight sleep”, but that’s a misleading name; you’ll still be awake so that you can respond to any questions or requests we might have for you during the process. After the sedation wears off, you probably won’t remember anything about the treatment itself. For any appointment that involves IV sedation, you should bring an adult you trust with you so that they can drive you home and keep an eye on you while you’re still under the effects of the medication.

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