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Have you ever noticed that you or your child's teeth aren't as straight as they should be? Have you contemplated getting braces but thought they were too expensive or too painful? Well we are here to let you know that getting braces is an extremely easy process and with our zero percent interest payment plans now there is no reason not to get the smile you have always wanted.

The process of getting braces is easy and we are here to guide you through every step of the process. 

Clear and Metal Braces in Dallas

Have you ever wondered if you need braces? Do you have one of the following signs of malocclusion?
1. Deep Bite: Top teeth overlap your bottom teeth too much.
2. Overjet: Top teeth stick out too much as compared to your bottom teeth.
3. Teeth erupting in the wrong place.
4. Underbite: Your bottom teeth stick out further than your top teeth.
5. Posterior crossbite: Your top teeth are too narrow as compared to your bottom teeth.
6. Anterior Crossbite: Your top front teeth are behind your bottom teeth.
7. Open bite: When you close down your front teeth do not touch.
8. Spacing: You have an excessive amount of spacing in between your teeth.
9. Habits: Do you suck your thumb or various other oral habits?


Once your son or daughter reaches the age of 7, the American Association of Orthodontics recommends an orthodontic exam. There are treatments that can only be accomplished when patients are younger and we can prevent severe crowding issues if addressed early enough. Some treatments that can only be performed when patients are young are:
1. Expanders
2. Reverse pull head gear
3. Treatment to avoid further extractions
4. Growth manipulation. 


Once your child has become a teen this is a great time to finalize orthodontic treatment. We have long told our patients that the easiest time to get braces is when you are an early teen There is the great chance for a perfect outcome when you are young enough to still manipulate growth and your bones have not completely fused. 
When choosing an orthodontic treatment plan in Dallas, TX, you can choose between metal/clear braces and Invisalign. There are advantages and disadvantages to both so come in for your free consult to determine what is your best option. 


Dr. Nathan had two orthodontic treatments as an adult and Thrive Dental has treated patients as young as 7 to as old as 76 with traditional metal braces. 
You are never too old to get the smile you deserve. Many patients will receive orthodontic treatment well into their 50s as they have always wanted a beautiful smile or had braces as a teenager and have since lost their retainer. 
The amazing thing about a Thrive Dental office is that we have a dentist and orthodontist in-house therefore we can coordinate treatment better than any other dental office. 


We are always excited to hear from new Thrive Dental patients in Dallas, TX. Reach out anytime!

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