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Periodontal Therapy

We offer advanced periodontal therapy in all our Texas locations.

Deep cleanings and regular cleanings

You may have already heard that periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in America but did you know it can be prevented! Here at Thrive Dental in Dallas, TX, we pride ourselves on preventing unnecessary tooth loss due to periodontal disease. Whether you need a deep cleaning or a regular 6 month cleaning we have got you covered. Let’s learn about the different types of dental cleanings. 

Deep cleaning vs prophy

Scaling and Root Planing aka Deep cleaning is a periodontal treatment used to treat excessive buildup of bacteria and tartar around the teeth. Patients often wonder what the difference is between a deep cleaning and a healthy mouth cleaning and that’s why we made the video below.

If you are brushing (with an electric toothbrush) and flossing everyday and coming to your routine 6 month checkups you likely need a routine dental cleaning.

If your oral health has been neglected for a period of time or you do not brush and floss regularly you may need a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning is essential to preserve the overall health of your teeth. Without proper removal of bacteria you can get dental infections as well as tooth loss. 

How do you treat gum disease?

If you find blood on your toothbrush or floss then that is likely a sign of gingivitis. If treated early, gingivitis can be reversible. If left untreated gingivitis may turn into periodontal disease which is irreversible. To great gum disease you must brush and floss regularly as well as come in for your routine checkup and cleaning. If the periodontal disease has progressed too far we may prescribe deep cleanings followed by periodontal maintenance 

Antibiotic therapy

Once a deep cleaning is completed we may apply antibiotic medication to the sulcus of the teeth. This prevents further bacterial growth and allows the healing of the gum tissue. There are a variety of antibiotics that we may use but a common one is chlorohexidine. This medicament stays around the roots of the teeth for a longer period of time than most other medication. 

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